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Not OP, but I have an opinion on this.

They may be terrible people, but I assume they are not an immediate escape risk, nor are they particularly violent within prison. Plus, I think the Max Sec guys would eat up those cowards for lunch.

If you desperately want to put your dick in something, do it into a sex toy or a explicitly consenting adult.

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They are. Occasionally we hit gold (Hasan Minhaj did one, that one was really great), but usually, we get these guys, some cheap promo for their product. This dude did an AMA previously, the cybersecurity and privacy policy was jarring, it didn't exist, AT ALL. He is still throwing up his hands on child security by saying "We'll do it later" when it really should be a non negotiable on release. It seems like the dev has good ideas, really good technical implementation, but his legal policy is not to standard.

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This seems scary. Do you think these sort of immoral and blatantly unconstitutional acts are being passed in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to distract? Or is it some reason?

I imagine this would cause protests by many.

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Thanks for the reply! I am basically only a multiplayer guy, so I only pitch myself against humans(I am an FPS player). I'll make it to the top rank before considering it.

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How do you start in professional gaming scene? I like to think I am alright at some games and would like to dip my hand into some tournaments, but how do I do it?