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Rodney Dangerfield played the child molesting step father in Natural Born Killers. Maybe you can get a pedophile role to help you break out.

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I spent some time looking for this but can't find it.

It was an /iAMA thread. "I'm a pot chemist" or some such. He said that his job was to analyze samples of pot sent by law enforcement from all over the country, looking for a chemical signature that would be useful to law enforcement. The goal was to identify the source of the pot, to see if there were bigger fish involved. Huge grow operations all produced pot with the same signature, probably from the fertilizer used, etc.

He said there was a molecule that kept turning up in the samples. It was so common it was useless to him. But he kept seeing it in his samples. Then he was watching something about Anders Breivik, the Norway killer (I might be wrong about the killer's ID, but it was a recent mass murderer) and it said how he was high on a hallucinogen. It showed the molecule and I recognized it as my very common molecule. It was in all large grow samples. On a hunch, I tested some small closet grows and it wasn't there.

That's all I remember.

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I believe he was fired for asking certain questions.

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Are you the guy who posted about the hallucinogen that's only found in mass produced pot? (Ie, closet grows don't have any.) Do you know anything about this?

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How frustrated were you when you heard that the Pearl Harbor attack was seen on radar but no one paid any attention?