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Did he take any souveneirs? If so what?

There is a saying, "The French fight for glory, the English fight for land, and the Americans fight for souvenirs."

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Lol. That isn't how it works.

But there is a simple fix. At the beginning of the conversation state that you are recording the conversation. You need to affirmatively state that you are.

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Ummm... One of the many free recording apps?

The bigger question is doing it in a way that is legal. Some states require both/all parties to be aware of the recording.

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There's a nifty little trend going on where our government is trying to curtail the protections offered by the Posse Comitatus Act by increasingly "military state" provisions in the NDAA.

Remember...our "homeland" is now the "battlefield"

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Afaik, informing someone of the recording is not enough, you must also gain their consent. If you do not inform them of your separate recording, how can they ever consent to it?

Just because they consent to their own recording doesn't mean they would consent to yours.

Anyway, let's ask the pros.

Edit: I found a similar post on /r/legaladvice you should read before attempting any consumer vigilanteism.