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a-handle-has-no-name108 karma

Assuming recovery instructions are followed:

  • Can shouting damage the structures affected with the surgery?
  • Is maximum volume affected?
  • Will results transfer to the higher volumes, or are they capped at normal speaking volumes?

a-handle-has-no-name47 karma

Thank you for the reference. I've found the article, so I will look into it. (link for anyone else)

This has been one of the best AMAs I've seen in a long time. I really appreciate the in-depth answers you've given, not only for myself but for others

a-handle-has-no-name32 karma

Thank you for the response. It's very informative, and the fact that you do computer modeling to model outcomes is very interesting.

I've strongly considered these surgeries, but I'm often in situations that require projecting my voice (I'm a referee so it's important for me to be heard in a crowded arena), so your response confirms my concerns.

Shouting, later on, can cause vocal trauma such as bleeding in the vocal cords. But that can be the case with unoperated vocal cords.

This is the first I've heard about bleeding vocal cords, especially when they haven't been operated on.