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His sister and 11-year-old nephew are believed to be currently imprisoned there, so yes, it still exists.

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So many questions spring to mind but can you start off with most compelling realization you've had during this project? People like to think that homelessness is due to a fell swoop of bad luck or a series of misjudgments or even due to a mental or emotional disorder. I've even heard it (callously) said that no one needs to be homeless if they don't want to be and they just need to sort themselves out. What's your take on it?

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Homelessness breaks my heart. It cannot justified on any level. This shouldn't be allowed to happen anywhere in the world and yet it happens to all people of all ages and for all the imaginable reasons, but not one of them is a good reason.

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What inspired you to go into just specifically this?

Do you think about doing other things in conjunction with this, perhaps with the aim of creating a web-based business?

Are you looking at this morphing into other things as time goes on?

Do you earn enough to make an actual living doing this?

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So there is a common factor of addiction? Is that a cause or an effect? Which begat which?

So the compelling realization is that stereotypes exist but the reasons we give for them are shallow and the result of our lack of compassion.

Something happened on the train to work a couple of days ago. There was a scruffy maybe 40ish year old man on the train who was obviously off his medication, if he even had any. He was in his pyjama bottoms and a heavy-ish army drab coat. He had long hair and a long beard. And he was very upset, shouting to no one there about how unfair it all is, how the unseen antagonist was a murderer. He got to the doors first when we hit the last stop. As we all proceeded down the platform to the streets ahead, he turned around and shouted "What do you all want!?!" A few of us smiled broadly because it was so painfully adorable and painfully painful because he was in such distress but so damn cute at the same time.

I don't know whether the man was homeless but he looked the part, for sure. :(

Are they really all addicts in that country? That's really horrifying, don't you think?