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_waxmonkey1 karma

I became a Canadian permanent resident recently - finally 36 months after first submitting my simplified application (family, spouse is Canadian). One of the many disappointments with my immigration lawyer (later discovered not a lawyer, a consultant), was that he took six months to forward an email from the CIC to me that requested documents to continue my application process. When asked why it took six months he replied that he was out of town when it came in.

This resulted in my medical expiring and me having to pay for it again. He also submitted the wrong marriage certificate and lost the other, requiring me to replace it, and told me to use an FBI approved channeler for my background check (which turned out to be unacceptable and required me to pay for another).

I paid this guy $3000 upfront, plus the $1000 to the Canadian govt.

Now that I'm a PR, should I look into suing to get my money back? How about the at least six months of lost wages, or the costs of the documents I had to doubly produce?

Or should I just be happy the nightmare is finally over and I no longer need to worry about my status in this country?

Thank you!