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_tiredofthebullshit39 karma

In today's political climate where anyone that dares disagree with the status quo is a "nazi", why in hell would anyone except leftist morons think there is a legit threat of "nazis"?

_tiredofthebullshit34 karma

Ah. Typical leftist tragedy. Conflate being concerned over unchecked immigration of people who can't or won't assimilate with hate. And just to squash opposition, you take that conflation, accuse anyone with an opinion differing from the establishment or status quo of hate and make it a crime to express such opinions.

Know who else attempted that? Give you a hint... happened not far from there... Say about 80 years ago or so... WOAH! Lookie there! Maybe there is a Nazi problem!

_tiredofthebullshit31 karma

Ever think Germans are just sick and tired of importing millions and millions of people who can't / won't assimilate into German custom or culture?

_tiredofthebullshit6 karma

The solution would be more structure and more funding for integrating these people

...by taxing the living hell out of German citizens?

_tiredofthebullshit3 karma

Which theater of war did you operate in?