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_spr0cket_9 karma

First - it's awesome to see you guys putting E2EE out there. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Kudos.

What does E2EE bring to the party that previous bolt-on PGP clients don't?

It still looks like a lot of Why Johnny Can't Encrypt is still in play. Are there fundamental issues with PGP, and crypto in general, that we can't get get around? Do we set a point where we expect people who need to rely on this kind of tech simply need to get educated on how to use it?

I noticed E2EE doesn't have web of trust. It doesn't even sign its own key. Is this something the team decided wasn't part of the use scenario? Is it too complex? Does it get tackled at some other time or replaced with something else?

_spr0cket_2 karma

Thanks guys. Point taken on initial release. I'm enjoying toying around with what you guys have put out so far. As noted - looking forward to seeing this progress.