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Yes! He finally started returning our calls and texts! I would characterize his response as not very happy :)

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They are definitely alive. Not sure if they're in grade school or high school or already graduated. I sure hope it's the latter.

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At the time it was a pretty easy decision. I started a Halloween company based off my first ever YouTube video. Sold it to some guys in the UK and they wanted me to come up with more ideas. It may sound like a downgrade but it was a fun opportunity and a chance to see what it's like starting a business plus I knew I could always go back to NASA if it failed abysmally. After doing that for 2 years I was offered a position at Apple to do really cool stuff so I took it. My philosophy on career paths and life really is like crossing a river by jumping on stones. Have a very rough general idea of your path but then look at the best stone and hop on it. Only at that point will you really see the next available rocks and then wiggle them all with your foot and pick the best one. This idea of a having a 20 year career plan or knowing exactly what you want to do with your life in high school is a fallacy and it stresses people out. We think life paths are a straight line but they are always filled with twists and turns and mountains and valleys. That's way more interesting anyways :)

EDIT- link to that Halloween video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOQws77j_6c

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That's so cool!!!! Congrats! I will be down there filming I think for a video this year. They are flying the back-up Descent Stage from when I was there which means I have hardware going to Mars again!!! What section are you in?

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Probably Jello Pool or maybe Glitterbomb 2.0. We got a deal on the phones because they were used and refurbished from China at $100/per but it still adds up.