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Ha! It's okay man! There are other joys in life, and honestly not being driven by the desire for sex has made me appreciate women more.

I've learned to live my life completely from a power wheelchair. It sounds like you've got more function than I, so I just want you to know there isn't anything you can't do. Even things you've done before and think you can no longer do, you just have to find a new way to do them. The only limits are ones we set in our mind.

Love you too bro! We're all on this planet together, we might as well all get along and work together. Keep your head up man, and keep the positive attitude!

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You lucky son of a bitch. I'm a C-5 quad, no jacky offy for me.

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Huge market, it's all gay guys watching you and talking with you though. If you have a clean cut "jock" body, you will make mad stacks of cash.

My buddy did this before he got married.

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It could always be worse. I'm pretty much dead below my nipples, but I have use of my arms and hands. And I live in America. As much as I hate the state of the nation and the direction America is headed, my wheelchairs are paid for, I have a subsidized apartment and paid for helpers, I get a disability check every month. If I lived in Kenya I'd be rotting away on a blanket in the corner of a hut, or lion food. I have good friends and family.

In summation, you're right, it could always be worse, and we must be grateful for what we have. If we always want more, we will never be happy. Happy Friday 13th!

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Thanks for doing this AMA. I've been wanting to see one from somebody in MN, but thought I would forever be SOL. I appreciate the 411 on the definition of a CCA, but didn't see definitions for your other acronyms. Perhaps you 86ed them? Honestly, IDGAF, I thought it may be humorous however to ask what a DPS is. Will you fill out a 1099 or a 1040 at the end of the year? Do you think you could get a 69 in an LLV? GPS must be incredibly helpful, if I was a letter carrier I would want it available 24/7. I've put more effort into this reply than I should have, it probably won't make anyone LOL. Not like an episode of HIMYM! I just get a kick how acronyms and numbers can mean different things to different people. A 187 requires an LEO ASAP. A little 420 isn't nearly as serious, heck, even the POTUS has partaken. In closing, people, DP your SO and 141 all your SPOZAK! You never know when a 972 might want CYB whilst ROE92!!!! Giggity!