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I’m a housekeeper at an assisted living facility. Based off of your comment here it looks like my job is a lot more important than people think! I work really hard to make sure it smells good. I don’t think people understand that it’s not exactly an easy feat to keep things smelling linen fresh when you have 25+ elderly patients living in one building!

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You don’t understand how much I appreciate you saying that!! Thank you so so much! 😁

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Thank you SO much. I greatly, greatly appreciate that! And I always say this when I come into work “There’s always somethin’!” AKA the work never ends! Good thing I am a busy body and can’t stay still!

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Omg, thank you endlessly. I cannot express enough how nice it is to have people thanking me! I didn’t expect to have the red carpet rolled out for me when I applied for the job but, damn, a lot of the things I put hard work and elbow grease into goes seemingly unnoticed. So thank you so much!!

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I just wanted to reach out and say that coming from a staff POV, I have always thought it must be so difficult for a family member to be going through the process of having their mom/dad/close family member in a facility. It’s hard. And as hard as we all work to have it be as comfortable and accommodating as possible, it’s just not the home they worked hard for, their life they are so accustomed to. It has to be stressful. As a housekeeper I like having my residents smile and say “oh I used to vacuum every day so it would look nice. now I can’t even get out of this damn chair”. So I love doing things that make them happy and feel good and somewhat at home. It makes my day.