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What does Tiffany smell like :3

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I don't mean to be a dick but a sausage is not a fish.

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I'm pretty sure you just used the phrase "sweet mixtape" in complete sincerity, which makes you awesome. What's your favorite fish pizza topping?

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Would VICE have been interested in this story if these protests were peaceful?

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Yeah, working with (for) Erik. I don't do philosophy of perception though, I'm doing more extended mind/cognitive processes/anti-representationalism kind of things. Have you read Sutton's papers about memory? Or better yet, do you buy into the engram/exogram distinction? To me, the kind of stuff you do with memory palaces seems like you're building exograms in a place where, simply because of the location (i.e. 'the mind'), they should be referred to as engrams, making the whole distinction kind of fragile.