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Do the Irish really detest the green beer on St Patrick's day phenomenon that occurs in north america?

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How often do you have to endure people joking about your condition and what is the best way you have found to deal with it? Do you laugh it off, throw it back at them, roll your eyes and say "well i've never heard that one before"?

Also, do people ever mistakenly assume you are a chemotherapy patient?

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What would you say the biggest misconception there is out there regarding potency of marijuana or just marijuana in general?

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Have you ever had to deal with intense hostility from members of the public when they find out your previous employment?

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what prompted you to create the extension? Was it simply you saw a need for this sort of product and made it, or have you felt the painful sting of college textbook price gouging and decided to valiantly try to slay the dragon of....i have no idea how to finish this metaphor, but some sort of overpriced book dragon i assume.?