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It's that Canadian Accent.

And that homemade motorized scaffold...and the lawnmower of Destruction...and the wasp vacuum...

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I hope this is an ok question, but how important do you think language is to identity? Are there any concepts that might not be able to transfer over to English?

As an aside, is there any dictionaries or learning courses for the Oneida language?

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Oh I don't have any sources- I just hung out with renewable energy faculty and students- besides look for local companies and maybe universities. SUNY ESF and SUNY Morrisville have programs whose faculty consult for companies and communities to find what options suit them best.

Something I did pick up is wind energy needs the right currents and type of wind- rippled topography results in turbulence, effecting where you can place the turbines. This is partially why NY renewables are pissy wealthy landowners on Lake Ontario blocked a wind farm- CNY is very hilly, and turbulent as a result; WNY is a flat swamp but heavily developed, so hard to find space for mills there- but offshore would've granted access to smooth and constant wind.

So if you go with wind, a single turbine could produce enough power for a factory- there's some in Western NY that use some- but you'll need surveys to help figure out if the Ozarks would negatively affect your turbine potential.

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For what it's worth, I'm kind of loving this. Makes me remember my occasional fever dream on long drives of opening a hostel somewhere.

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I definitely agree with that. We don't have wolves in NY but we have massive deer populations that are often problematic-I think a town tried sterilizing some of the deer to reduce the population as there weren't enough hunters nor was it a safe area to hunt in.

It's pretty cool to wake up in Suburbia and see five deer watching you from across the street as you board the school bus. They aren't afraid, it seems.