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You have a very prominent social media presence - how do you deal with the individuals who abuse the access?

I've seen some facebook comments and twitter replies to you that are some of the filthiest things someone can say to someone else. Do these comments get to you?

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I just asked mine to the wall behind her.

This has to be very common with prominent people. Do you ever talk to other journalists about certain people who do this (ask and then answer their own questions) to see if there's a way to better guide the discussion/conversation?

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No - it's the "down-up" that salespeople (agents are sellers...) use.

They show you a flaw with what you have (in this case, his apparently bad comedy) and then tell you how great something else ** could ** be - if you just listen to them.

Watch some commercials and actually listen to the message - every one is basically the same. Make you feel bad about something and offer the solution right afterwards.

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You have a 10 inch penis?