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Why was (is) a monolithic registry preferred over distributing the settings in a number of files like Unix?

Why did windows remain single-user focused for so long when Unix was multi-user since the 70s? In my understanding, if there is just one user, that user has to be admin which opened Windows up to security issues. (I don't even recall any sudo-like privilege escalation in pre-XP Windows.)

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France (or rather the EU) are probably the strongest supporters of ITER. The USA were the ones who left in 1999, returned in 2003 and have been on the edge of leaving again ever since.

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I'll be more blunt that Uni of Manchester can probably afford to be: the Lockheed concept is complete bullshit.

The idea of mirrors and cusps was tested and discarded in the 1980s. It works ok at low temperatures, but losses scale really badly when it gets hot.

Having coils so close to the plasma is a bad idea. You need to protect those coils from neutron radiation, you need to capture heat to run a steam turbine and you need a blanket to breed tritium. Once you add in all that, plus heating sources, there's no way you're fitting this on a truck or in a plane as they originally promised

Lastly, it's worth looking back at their promise to have a working reactor in 5 years from 2014. Fusion generally isn't great at keeping to schedule, but it's telling how little progress they've made in that time.

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Canada just signed up to the ITER consortium to provide tritium

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Yeah NT did eventually get around to fixing it. My question was really about the earlier systems, because I think you said you worked on MS-DOS?

Since there were existing systems with multi-user and privilege escalation even before the first Windows, somebody must have made a conscious decision to not include that functionality.