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Ikr? I just don't understand how anyone could believe that they have to pay the IRS (who speaks with a thick Indian accent) $2500 in Google play or iTunes gift cards. You mysteriously messed up your taxes, so now the IRS is calling and threatening to immediately arrest you. Yup, better drive to the nearest Walgreens or Walmart to buy some gift cards to pay those fines!

It's just so ridiculously stupid... It boggles my mind that these scammers are sometimes successful. I must admit though, I do find scambaiting extremely entertaining. A lot of people love Kitboga, but my personal favorites are The Hoax Hotel, Atomic Shrimp, and Jim Browning. Definitely check them out if you want to see some scammers losing their complete minds in frustration.

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Captain D, I have no question.

I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of your work and that you have nice boobs. Not many people can pull off Micky Mouse, but you made it work.

Well kids, I have to go. Somewhere over the skies of Michigan, our government is spreading essential oils through crop dusters.

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I'm in the same boat. I tried medical Marijuana at one point and it literally did nothing for me. Oxycodone has improved my quality of life so much, though I am noticing a tolerance.

I was kind of surprised at how hard it was to get prescribed in my area. I had to get referred to a pain management specialist, get drug tested, sign an agreement saying I can be randomly selected for pill counts, see the doctor, and even then they won't prescribe it for more than a few months.

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This is such a bullshit answer. You didn't show them anything. You're no different or special than the thousands of other tourists who did the exact same thing and supported their regime.

But hey, you get to brag to all of your friends on Facebook about your "exotic" trip.