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___XJ___37 karma

This reminds me of the time I listened to Inception while having my lucid dream. It was amazing, but damn near terrifying.

___XJ___22 karma

Thank you for posting - I've been doing this for years and had no idea it was a thing. I've tried to convince my kids they can do it too (to help them be excited to sleep and not fear a nightmare - as you can convert the nightmare into whatever you want). Most adults think I'm nuts when I say I can control my dreams. I dunno if it started with Vanilla Sky or if that movie just reminds me of this ability. I listen to movies when I sleep, as that tends to give my dreams fun story lines upon which to build.

I'll have to check out your site and continue to hone my skills - thanks again!

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Oh yes, great point - no, not at all! A very important point, didn't mean to cause any confusion for others!