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I may be downvoted, but just presenting the other side here:

Porn is not without it's negatives, and is not surprising that some people are uncomfortable with their partners engaging in it.

Not all porn is the same, but it is desensitizing to reality, and can make your partner self concious that you're getting off to other people.

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Just a note for you. With increasing fame you may want an email that doesn't get buried in spam, and direct messaging it privately for responses like these can help keep the number of people who have access to it lower. Not criticizing, This is certainly a good public email, but you wouldn't want an important communication to get overlooked.

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This is why it's so important to Keep all paperwork for anything of any importance. At least for a reasonable number of years.

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Any plans to have it put out as an audio book on Audible soon?

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Hawking radiation technically doesn't come from inside the black hole. It comes from the spontaneous formation of particles and anti-particles right on the event horizon. Normally they would cancel eachother out instantaneously, but if they're right on the horizon then the black hole absorbs the anti-particle and the "real" particle goes the other way, in the form of hawking radiation. The anti particles combining with the mass of the black hole is how entropy will eventually take hold and lead to the heat death of the universe, as black holes and hawking radiation will be the last to go.