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Wow- why aren’t military IDs accepted for bars in some states? You would figure they have picture ID, birthdate and full name just as any other ID. Is it because they don’t have some of the same security features?

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Hey man, I’m Galway for 1 more day before heading back to US for Christmas, and then coming back in January. Where do you busk at? (In front of which shop?)

Also, is there like an established area for each buskar? Or do you all stay out of each others way? Is the amplification law / crowd law going to affect you? Also has the ongoing construction made it harder for you?

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I know there is a difference, but all businesses (and individuals for that matter) generally try to minimize their tax burden in capitalism based economies.

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Just a note here - notice that a small business owner chooses a city or country in part because of the low taxes (or tax advantage), access to resources, and for the ability to take advantage of foreign exchange rates., and lower wages. When large companies do this, Reddit jumps down their throat.

By the way, as a small business owner, the tax advantage is absolutely something I take into consideration when choosing where to base a business. It’s not nefarious, it’s just me wanted to minimize my tax burden, so I can stay in business longer.

I get it- absolutely! Just thought it was funny at some of the hypocrisy on Reddit in other posts.

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My guess based purely on his AMA interaction that he is a good, reasonable employer. However, I wonder where people draw the line between small companies and big companies to decide weather it’s ok to minimize their tax/wage burdens. $1million, $10million, $100million in sales? The line seems arbitrary to make moral or social judgements on.