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_Wheres_Perry_11 karma

When you have constraints, you become resourceful and determined, and that ends up helping in all areas of life.

I see and hear of examples of this all the time. People that have difficulties/disabilities/limitations of one kind or the other end up achieving more than "normal" folks.

I remember reading about a guy who lost all four limbs in an accident, and then became real proficient at some sport (cant remember which, may have been wheelchair basketball). Anyway, he pretty much said that he was actually happy that the accident happened, because he never would have been driven to achieve what he did otherwise.

Most of us regular folk... with no physical or mental disabilities, no significant financial problems (or free education to make up for it), no real race/caste/class hurdles to hold us back... we have everything served to us on a silver platter. And we do squat with it.

I personally know two separate individuals with genius/gifted level IQs, who flunked out of full scholarship programs in college. Like a friend of mine used to say... "their problem is that they have no problems".

_Wheres_Perry_3 karma

What an excellent response! It's hard enough to put yourself in another person's shoes in general, and much harder when it's someone who has wronged you.

But I cant even imagine how hard it must be to empathize with someone who has hurt you in such a terrible, horrible way. I dont think I could do it, to be honest. So, (and I dont say this lightly) you are a wonderful person, and will certainly be a great role model to your daughters.