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I met him once in a mostly empty hotel bar in Bucharest. It was late, I don't think anyone other than I knew who he was. Sitting a few spots away from him at the bar I said "the American's and British fucked Canada on D-Day" He slid the glass he was drinking out of down to me, ordered another and simply said "Explain". We chatted about the world wars for about an hour and went our separate ways. I was talking to Lemmy Kilmiester but it could have been James May or anyone's dad. Very down to earth at least in that setting.

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To be fair it was a bit of a click-baity statement on my part. It was me saying "Hey lemmy, I know who you are but I'm not going to fan-boy all over you"

I worked a bit as a bartender at a Canadian legion in the 80's and while the vets certainly didn't pick me as the first guy to talk about the war to, I did get to talk some/evesdrop on conversations.

At the end of the day the % of casualties on Omaha and Juno weren't that far apart.

3 of the 4 beaches on D-day held for 30 minutes (more or less) and Omaha held for 4 hours. The pre-invasion bombing run on Omaha missed the beaches by quite a bit (you can look up why elsewhere). Of the 22 or so Sherman tanks that were to land on the beach only 1 made it ashore.

Had the bombers hit the beaches some damage would have been done, communications would have been interrupted, and Omaha would have been a bit safer of a beach. If half the tanks made it ashore instead of 1 then there would have been a dozen cannons firing at targets as well as heavy machine guns also forcing the Germans to keep their heads down. If the plans went according to plan Omaha while still being a tough beach would have been easier to get across and the casualty % would have gone down, Juno went according to plan (as much as possible, nobody planned on tunnels under the town).

Watch the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan but picture a couple of tanks operating for even just a few minutes, a lot more guys would have gotten across the beaches and potentially up the bluffs in places.

edit: The implication being that the casulaty % on Juno was what it was while the % on Gold, Sword and Utah were what they were while had Omaha going according to plan it'd have been a lot safer beach to land on. So as of June 5th Juno was the worst beach to be heading towards.

Sure, it's a lot of what-if's but the idea behind the statement was to engage Lemmy in a conversation.

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Since you like horses...

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

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No idea what fuels the hate. Maybe they met up in a dank hotel bar in the Midwest during the 1970's and he spurned her. The hate is oddly pure.

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Great answer!

A non-related FYI, I like his body of work but my mom (nearing 80 years old) fucking hates him. She is a kind old woman that loves everybody except Jeff Goldblum. Not a question, just a weird thing I have to deal with when I'm visiting her and he appears on TV.