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No idea what fuels the hate. Maybe they met up in a dank hotel bar in the Midwest during the 1970's and he spurned her. The hate is oddly pure.

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Great answer!

A non-related FYI, I like his body of work but my mom (nearing 80 years old) fucking hates him. She is a kind old woman that loves everybody except Jeff Goldblum. Not a question, just a weird thing I have to deal with when I'm visiting her and he appears on TV.

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If Mr GoldBlum had to choose between these 2 options, which would he pick?

1) Fight one duck sized horse.

2) Fight 100 duck sized horses.

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Damn, your right. I can't change it now, the question has already been delightfully answered.

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Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?