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I think it's great that you are accepting of who you are and not letting it get to you. We all have to deal with the cards we were dealt.

Ive heard that some Turner syndrome people have some mild differences with how their brains work. What has been your experience?

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That's a lie. Noone says "go Edmonton"

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As a Canadian, driving over to get gas and the good ice cream, why do you guys always look so unhappy?

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Hey Christopher. Huge fan, own both Calling and Drop, plus have a signed Stereo Alchemy CD.

questions for you:

A) who is or was your biggest musical influence?

B) what gives you your motivation for what you do?


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I might totally be too late for this discussion but i always wanted to ask you if you're still a firm believer in the philosophy of Ethical Hedonism, or if your beliefs changed? I recall it was mentioned in an interview in the 90s i read somewhere on the WWW.