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Dude on the left must be a dad, right?

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this one time, a small boy was walking through holding his grandpas hand. He was giving everyone a thumbs up and saying "cool costume! cool costume!" When he was turned around, I snuck up on him, so when he turned back, I was in his face and I said "What did you say?" and he said whimpered "cool costume... please don't hurt me.."

definitely the most hilarious. I laughed out loud, and his grandparents heard me and laughed.

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I think we get paid minimum wage. All I know is at the end of the month, I get a ~$500 check. It's only during October.

When you've done the job for a while, you realize that there are 3 types of people. People who are really scared, people who are grumpy or they aren't having fun, and people who are laughing and have a good time, mostly laughing at the first type of person.

I enjoy scaring the scared people, making the laughing people laugh, and ignoring the grumpy people. They've wasted their money, they're bitter for some reason and they aren't going to have a good time no matter what I do, they've made up their mind. So no, I don't mind people saying stuff like that, because in the end, I'm having fun and they aren't, so I win

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haha and we start with my favorite question. a lot of haunted houses don't allow the actors to touch the customers. but not us. We are allowed to touch you, as long as it couldn't be considered sexual or violent. typically, I brush the back of someones head gently

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oh yes, I've been hit a number of times. pushed once, and I tripped over a tree root (we are an outdoor attraction) and twisted my ankle REALLY badly