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Regular people who talk about the coronavirus on youtube gets their videos demonetized and their views suppressed by youtubes algorithm (unless they are part of corporate sponsored media).

Do you believe that Google is right to censor its content creators who talk about the c virus? Or is it a step too far towards state run censorship and digital totalitarianism?

Love your books by the way big fan.

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Did you take steroids, and if so was that a factor in your sexual performance?

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Those sort of people are putting out wildly innacurate info yes.

But then there are the people who talk about it in relation to events and daily life. E3 2020 for example was just recently cancelled due to coronavirus. In the gaming sphere content creators can't talk about why E3 was cancelled without dancing around the words corona and virus.

It just doesn't seem fair to me. Independent journalism is getting crushed by the big media conglomerates.

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Maybe they did prevent the virus from becoming worse than it is now, but we don't know that conclusively. I think the jury is still out on Chinas impact in all this and more investigating needs to be done.

_MattsNeetWorld_2 karma

Why is demonetization being grouped with censorship?

Because there is a financial stranglehold. Say what youtube wants you to say, or you don't get paid.

Demonetized videos are also promoted less by the youtube algorithm than monetized videos.