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_Lane_28 karma

Do you think scent training / smell training is effective in restoring COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunction?

Scent/smell training being regularly smelling known samples of (strong, known) scents, usually from essential oils, and trying to recall what the scents are. For example, sniffing a sample of lemon essential oil and remembering what "lemon" smells like.

Scent/smell training has been shown to be (possibly) useful for overcoming anosmia caused by non-COVID-19 conditions.

_Lane_15 karma

Awesome!!! Thank you!

As an aside: I had COVID-19 (very mild case!) and lost my senses of taste and smell for about 4 days. I started smell training on Day 2 (after I learned about it). I do not know if it helped restore my sense of smell, but I do know that it made me feel like I was doing something to help my situation, and that was helpful.

ETA: The joy I felt when I could smell something, even a little, was palpable to me.