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_Kyndig_3 karma

Really, you two, while I'm sleeping? OK, here's a softball. Knowing how deep the rabbit hole ended up, would you do this project again? And, on a tangent, is there any chance that humanity won't just bring 100% of its BS with us to a new planet...rinse, repeat? Thanks!

_Kyndig_1 karma

No worries, your comic is one of the reasons I pay for internet. Have been viewing daily since the days of "painful bowel obstructions", and, I assure you, if we stuck with you through those times, you have us for life. :P Did not notice a quality dip.

I too wonder who this book pissed off the most (I can imagine a list, but I can also imagine there would be a few unexpected surprises not my list).

As for BS (sigh), yeah, but law ain't gonna change our nature, it will just make it cost-prohibitive to fully express it.