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What happened to the officers that were simply re-assigned after ignoring hundreds rapes, including of small children? Were these officers perhaps suffering from mental illness? I know there was one female sex crimes detective who didn’t believe rape was a crime, as well as another who sent a toddler with an STD back home from the emergency room with her perpetrator.


Each of the 13 had already been listed as an alleged abuse victim by the Police Department. But for the most part, the sex-crimes unit was apparently indifferent, so much so that a majority of its detectives were not even motivated enough to investigate reported sex crimes against children. These five detectives worked in a unit that exists to investigate sex crimes, but, given their dismissive attitude toward alleged victims, they seem to have operated as the most well-positioned friends a rapist could hope for.

Between 2011 and 2013, detectives Akron Davis, Merrell Merricks, Derrick Williams, Damita Williams and Vernon Haynes were assigned 1,290 sexual-assault or child-abuse calls, and 86 percent of the time they wrote no investigative report.

But the inspector general's report says one detective - identified by the Police Department as Davis - decided that a case involving a toddler brought to a hospital emergency room did not warrant criminal investigation. That child, described in Quatrevaux's report as "under 3 years old," was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

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Are these officers still on the force?