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What is the thing that no one so far asked you about this experience that you feel like you would like to share?

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Sometimes it felt like the world preferred I hadn't come back b/c it definitely was not prepared to take care of me

I think I understand how you feel. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a potencially life ending cancer that gave me pretty much no real chance to come out of it, and by now I should have been dead and gone by quite some time. Somehow it wasn't ment to be and I am cancer free.

All my plans were gone. All my family assumed I would be gone. All my friends mentally prepared for that, and somehow I am still here. Some days I wonder why. Others I feel like shit for apparently no reason. Most I just live a normal live and sometimes forget that I pretty much made peace with myself a few years ago that I wouldn't be here. Honestly I dunno if besides my parents anyone really deep down cares about me coming up on top. I am sure friends and colegues were happy in their own way, but don't know if they cared or if things were differently by now I wouldn't even be worth a toast by new years eve.

I am not depressed or anything. Just like I don't think you are by saying that. It's just that you get a second chance and then you wonder if things had went the other way around it woukd be that bad in the end.

Anyhow, I am happy you had your second chance. Sucks that over there at the other side of the Atlantic all that I hear is bad things about your medical system. In here I spent like 3K in doctors for more than a year of treatment and visits. Also nothing about those 10 minute bullshit, my doctor would chat with me to gage if I was OK and made sure I would leave her office only when I understood everything she had to tell me. Think we just value human life here differently.

Hope you the best, stay strong ☺️