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Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

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ask my wife.

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iphone screenshot

Try Android. It can make it look 3x bigger if you use the right filter.

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I can get any Indie game I want for a couple of bucks every summer and winter, then have them forever

This one gets me too. Most "Indie" games are shovelware. Especially the social media hyped ones like "Goat Simulator", and "Poop in my Soup".

If you wait for about a year, you can get the indie games in bundles . I just got the Indie Bundlestars package that gave me 10 games for under $5. There is another one with 50 games for $1.

Looks to me that I would be paying 4X as much, for something I will never own.

Why would kids pay a monthly subscription for sub-par games, that they will eventually loose if they do not keep up with subscription rates?

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What does he do with 3 arms?