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What did you think of the tv show TheFollowing that follow a cult leader that use Poe writing as his cult base?

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There is no nudity or explicit gore but there is violence like people setting them self on fire etc. It is mostly implied so your baby should be safe if he is young enough to not really understand what is happening.

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Its really good. Its with Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy and Shawn Ashmore to just name a few. James Purefoy plays the cult leader who's cult member infiltrated all sort of government place to make him escape from prison and Kevin Bacon is the fbi agent that got him the first time that start seeking him again.
The writing is really good and the acting is even better.


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Here is my question, when making a mobile game nowaday, are westerners a lesser focus because our culture doesn't really play mobile as much as other?