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You've pointed out in numerous social media posts that the police have brutalized or arrested "press" including yourself. It's clear that you and your colleagues are activists who are often involved with the protests themselves. Regardless of whether you think the police's treatment of protesters is justified, do you think it is fair to make this distinction, especially when these people claiming to be independent journalists are often marching with the protesters and confronting police officers?

You falsely reported a person's death last year. What evidence did you have that led you to believe the person had died? Do you think it hurts your journalistic integrity to make these claims without properly vetting them first?

What do you think is gained by doxxing police officers and counter protesters? Do you think this falls under journalism or activism?

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Thanks for answering.

I have noticed that you stay silent in most of your recent videos. In this video from August, you appear to be chastising the police at several points like at 8:30 and 29:00. Not judging the behavior but would you consider that something that you've decided not to do as it muddies the waters between journalism and protesting?

Also you mentioned in a video on how to film protests that you should not film the protesters but film the police, or something to that effect. Would you consider that biased, ie. trying to film examples of police brutality whilst excluding protest activity that people might disagree with, or that might be used (or taken out of context) to make the protesters look bad?

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Thank you for elaborating on this.

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Who did they slay? The only non Trump supporter who died was officer Sicknick and the media lied and said he was killed by being hit with a fire extinguisher. It turned out that never happened and he died much later, ostensibly over complications with pepper spray but even that is unclear. The 4 other people who died were Trump supporters.