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I think one of the problems that small towns everywhere have is that they lack the highly specialized tertiary and quaternary sectors of the economy that larger more economically diverse cities have. If you're a young well educated professional with an undergraduate or graduate university degree there's not much incentive to live in a place like Lucan Ontario (population 4800) or Parkhill (population 3652) just because you're not going to find a job in your field there. Even my hometown of fake London (pop 400,000) lacks the economic diversity and regional specialization that large city like Toronto has.

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No. His account is u/Notjustbikes. I'm from the same city as him but we don't know each other at all and we're not the same person.

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Not Just Bikes came up with the term but we've been lampooned for being lame and crappy by the rest of Canada. https://www.thebeaverton.com/2016/03/london-ontario-named-2nd-best-london-for-161st-straight-year/

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There was a guy in my mum's hometown of Brome Lake Qu├ębec (pop 5000) who started a craft brewery but it took him 2 years to secure the financial capital and jump through all the red tape.

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I've been interested in cities and how they work for my entire life, especially since when I went to Toronto for the first time. My geography teacher in high school was also a passionate urbanist and we discussed urbanism a lot together.