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Okay, but I advise you to take a look (and read) the Road to North Korea and Ostensibly Ordinary. These two albums are by a photographer who goes by the username u/m1ckey and has made an effort to sneak by the guides, taking photos NK officials did not want you to see.

Thanks for hearing me out, have a nice day.

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There was a photographer who did a lot of shots of his visit in NK and claims that there are massive amounts of actors and even provided photos of a train station. With a lot of busy-looking people just hurrying to catch their train. Beautiful, well dressed people. Only problem? The only train that arrived was the tourist train. No other traffic was happening. Yet there are people acting like there is.

It's lovely that you call them "elites" but honestly I don't think there are any besides the military

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They were able to locate it because the camera was livestreaming and you could see the planes in the sky. Then they were able to find matching plane routes and figure out the location just with that.