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Whoa. You're awesome for being positive. I would probably have fallen into a mega-depression after that.

So ..

  • any foods that you can't eat?
  • how, and how often do you empty that bag? [morbid sense of curiosity etc]
  • has it impacted your social life, and if so, how? [getting drunk, long nights out etc]
  • what are your emergency plans in case the bag, well, ruptures?
  • how is the inside body//outside body site protected from pathogens?

Thanks for the IAMA, it's very interesting. Hope your luck improves, and that you get chosen for the surgery should you want it!

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Upvoted for visibility. My instruments all output in CSV, it's the industry standard. Editing shit in Excel is a nightmare of open-close-yes..no?...fuck.

Just accept CSV into your life already, MS Excel team.

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Do you feel weaker as compared to your pre-trans self?

What are your daily requirements to retain your body? (HRT etc)? Any chance that this set of procedures can ultimately be problematic down the line?

What's keeping you from undertaking genital re-configuration?

Which parts are 100% real (ex: boobs from hormones) and which parts are as a result of surgery (shaved Adam's apple, etc)?

How does it look like from a legal perspective? Have you managed to get your sex overturned on your birth cert/ driver's license etc?

I'm sure you've met (and will meet) with a lot of skepticism/unkindness - all I can say is, as long as you're happy, good for you, and fuck everyone else. Good luck for your future!

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I've had to do some imagework before. MATLAB is a goddamn godsend. Doing it in R or other suites requires an indepth knowledge of the intricacies of everything that you're doing - with MATLAB, a basic understanding is enough to get you started.

My task was to turn a set of microscopy images to monochrome and get the ratio of dark to light areas, pretty simple, but I could not for the life of me do it in R.

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Without going into too much detail, it's a novel twist on a plasma coating process for metallic alloys done under atmospheric pressure instead of under vacuum. Kinda iffy because the coatings are sporadic (hence dark:light ratio) so I'm using MATLAB to determine which process parameters result in more coverage.