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1) Did you feel like there were times Kesha was putting up a performance for your camera? If so, did it stop at any point? how?

2) How involved did you try to get in your subject's life while filming? were you just taking the role of a side observer? if so, how do you keep it up?

3) Did you guys keep filming all the time or were there set times schedules for each day for following her around and filming?

4) How much do you feel this film is a fair representation of what Kesha's experience would have been, if you and the film crew weren't around here during that period?

5) What was the most surprising thing you learned about making a documentary like this while shooting the film? What was the least surprising and most expected?

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Edward Bernays' idea of having high status people stroll around and show off unnecessary merchandise, which in turn made the merchandise into a high status item. And then, by being seen carrying around this high status merchandise, the people themselves got even more status.

And at the beginning, he represented both!

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Following mynameisalso question: How do you convince somebody that what they considered to be a sub-human is in fact not different from them besides being smaller in size? How do you reeducate such an entrenched notion?

I think that was you are doing is incredibly brave and admirable. Is there anywhere I can read more about what your university is doing?

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Would you recommend the surgery to other people with common dwarfism?

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Something happened and humanity had to survive in a Mad Max type setting, you are in your prime and healthy as can be. What would you do to survive and what would be your long term plan?