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Mass shootings (and even more so school shootings seem to be the very definition of outliers (1% or less). Why are we focusing on those instead of the 60% of gun deaths that are suicides or 30% that are non-mass homicides? It seems we have it all backwards.

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When you made BNtSG, how much were you influenced by Mr. Wizard's World? I loved both and it seems like a great heritage of bringing science to kids.

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Don't take this the wrong way, because I love your games, but...

You guys are all over the place! Modern tank combat to classic RPG to action RPG to FPS-RPG to CCG.

My question is... how do you ensure good quality while being so broad in scope? (as opposed to, say, Fargo who seems highly focused on the classic RPG genre for now - who I know you also work with).

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It may suck but bailing out the banks did bailout consumers. It's the difference between a Great Recession and a Great Depression.

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Buy all the banks? Are you serious, Clark?