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First off, thanks for doing this AMA!

Our 5 year old son lost all of his hair about 15 months ago. We're pretty much settled into the idea that it isn't coming back and we realize there are so many worse things that could happen to a child. While we wait for science to come up with a plan, we feel like we should be prepared to deal with the psychological side of things.

Soooo...my questions are :

  • Was there anything your parents/authoritative adult (teacher etc) did that you think made things better or worse for you, regarding the Alopecia?

  • Did you 'look up to' any famous bald people?

  • If you could tell 8 year old you anything, what would that be?

  • At a water park slide, how much faster are you than the general public?

ZingelbertBingledack9 karma

Thanks for your time, man.