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Roll for it

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You wonderful performers and artists have really taken the roleplaying podcast to the next level. Ya'll blend the characters and game mechanics so delightfully. I am always excited and ready to settle into a long gym session when you guys release a new episode.

Even though I would listen to a new episode every day if you released them, I appreciate the crew taking your time to craft them. As someone who plans to voraciously listen to the podcast until it ends, thank you for not just making episodes to have content available. Respecting the medium and the talents of all the people involved.

Finally, a question. When have each of you individual actors found your character in a game? I mean, Pitr was immediately the cat in Homeward Bound. Have there been movies where you all played a character the same from start to finish, or you realized the character motivations changed due to the dice rolling differently.

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I've always wondered about the actual process of finding it. Do you have, like, 3 crit successes in a row to find it? Is it upon a resplendent alter of Doom? Or is it tucked away in a dusty corner?