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It's pronounced gif

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bought? isn't it a free app?

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How familiar are you with the IOTA foundation and their vision for the internet of things?

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They built the entire economy around oil money, and imported a substantial portion of their needs. Once the oil price crashed, they couldn't import the same amount of stuff. Then to prevent it crashing further the government mandated a certain exchange rate of their currency (the bolivar) to the US dollar, so a black market cropped up of people trading their money for dollars. Now the bolivar is essentially worthless in its buying power and there are scarce supplies necessary for survival. Just a downward spiral that lost all control.

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Ahh ok, I used to use it a few years back and thought those features were already in the free version. I guess they changed it up because ads weren't enough. Regardless, if it helps maintain good and consistent sleeping habits then it's helping.