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Thank you for the informative post! Do you have recommendations on a good brand of cat food? I have one cat that has a problem pooping and our vet recommended soft food at least twice a week. Our cats get kibble daily (we usually get them this stuff), and we feed them a can of Fancy Feast a couple times a week (we split one can between our two kitties).

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Ho ho, do I have just the thing for you!


OK, I pretty much didn't make it past Algebra 2 in high school so I have no hope as a real-life traffic engineer, but when I got this mod I spent probably close to four hours just tweaking intersections in a couple of my cities because it was so much fun. I'd suggest you try it out and it does appear to be an actively maintained mod.

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How so?

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Oh my god, I want to throttle that guy in the white sedan that started the whole thing.