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Someone needs to do a mashup of all of Kai's existential despair comments.

Maybe it could be the sting for bad news Fixation Fixes - kind of like the wah-wah trombones for The Numbers

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I think there's a great angle exploring how the growing privatization of space...uh, stuff... could result in securing discoveries as intellectual property rather than a common good. Imagine if someone had a patent on GPS or protected these cancer-fighting technologies as trade secrets.

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I mean, it’s a photo from NPR run through the first photo filter app that came up in the App Store. But yes.

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This is what I love about Marketplace recurring series and interviews. Very much appreciate hearing from the Iowa hog farmer (I think that's actually one of the guys Kai talks to occasionally) and the various stories that have come through series about the 10 year mark from the financial crisis