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Setting aside commentary about OP himself, what he said about Minecraft specifically isn't wrong. But more importantly, TTRPGs as a theraputic activity is something people have been doing, intentionally or not, for a very long time.

Its a way to explore issues while having a layer of separation from reality. Tons of people can give you anecdotes about how dealing with certain topics and situations in a tabletop campaign helped them overcome stuff.

There's no reason you can't apply that same thing to a sandbox game like Minecraft as well.

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As someone with both ADHD and ASD, I can absolutely confirm that the secondary sources of stimuli being there help me greatly.

I find it incredibly awkward and difficult to talk 1:1 with people I'm not comfy with. So having something else to focus on and that shared experience to lean on while building trust is great for me. I never really considered it till now.