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If you don't share the characteristics of this character, then why are you assuming that it's supposed to be a representation of you? I am a "nerd" too (though the definition of that word is changing rapidly). I was not popular in school, I found refuge in books, movies and games of the fantasy/sci-fi sort, and I have carried my love of these things into adulthood. But I've let go of any persecution complex. If anything, our culture is geared towards our tastes more than any other subset and I'm old enough to not care about my image. I also have a sense of humor about my foibles and those of others, and if you don't, then maybe you should stay away from any comedy that might touch on issues or subjects that could be in any way personal to you. -Andrew

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Andrew and I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Austin 4 years ago to make this film. We adore Austin. We've met so many fantastic people and know this film would have been impossible to make in LA. We always say moving to Austin might have been the best decision we've ever made. Also, the filmmakers in the indie scene there are incredible filmmakers as well as people: Geoff Marslett, Bryan Poyser, Michael Tully, Clay Liford, Kat Candler, Don Swaynos...the list goes on and on!! -Katie

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Sam rules. He couldn't be farther from the character of Scott. We're were nervous at first because this was his first leading role but he killed it. When Andrew and I watch the film, we don't see Sam, we see Scott. He completely transformed himself. My hope is that Zero Charisma will help Sam become a cult film star! - Katie

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Maybe! If you've tried it before and didn't like it, not sure what we could do to persuade you to try it again, other than to say that every group plays differently. Like most hobbies, it's largely about the people you share it with. Which is a lesson our main character had to learn.

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THIS IS FUN! - Katie