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My comment was deleted for not asking a question, so I’ll put it this way:

Will you continue to kick ass? Are you aware that you are inspirational? Do you know that we support you fighting for your child? Will you accept a compliment from another mom, that you are so pretty? Thank you for sharing.

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Are there any photos that you were really proud of that didn’t get the attention/publishing/etc that you wish it had?

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My husband has it. Must go inspect his privates for polka dots. 'Connect tha dots, la la la la.'

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I'm 33 and about to hit menopause. There is a simple blood test for this that I take every 6 months. Without insurance, it's a $75 test. Worth it.

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Well flag this comment and let me know once you get your smooch on after surgery.

I’d offer to smooch, but I’m married and old enough to be your mom. 😚

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