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Fluid milk

Wtf? Why? I mean I know milk lobby but what's the stated justification?

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I thought it was a myth that milk was a good source of calcium. I tried searching it and am seeing things coming down on both sides. The internet has ruined my brain. How did we end up in a world where there are so many special interest groups that are pro and anti milk

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That doesn't speak to the bioavailability of the calcium though. Similarly you could read the label to determine the amount of cholesterol in a food to try and reduce your cholesterol but there isn't a strong link between dietary cholesterol.

The confusion arises when you look at a holistic approach. The real question is "Is milk good for your bones?" rather than "Does milk contain calcium?" Most articles have a "the other team is an idiot" vibe more than anything because apparently there's some clandestine battle between the lizard people and illuminatti to have either everyone or no one drink milk.

I don't actually know wtf I'm talking about though so I'm not gunna go posting a bunch of different sources because I have no idea who's correct. The articles are sus on both sides and I would have no idea how to interpret actual peer-reviewed papers on this topic.

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I don't actually know wtf I'm talking about


Reposted for emphasis lol