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Hi Tricia, Thanks for doing this ama!

How was working on Command and Conquer 3, did you feel it was really different working on a video game vs. working on tv/movies?


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Noooo, late to the AMA!

David! You are hands down my favourite character in all of the stargate universe. Awesome witty banter, a love for food and he manages to get the girl!

Are you ever planning to re-visit the stargate universe or perhaps looking to go into any other sci-fi series?

Also, if you came to Calgary Comic Expo can I get you to pose like a mobster with me?

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Go to Mexico, honestly they are cheap, sanitary and professional.

'Rents just came back, cost 90$ to pull 2 teeth.

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I was watching the 1994 spider man series, when all of a sudden the series was gone off netflix!

Does this happen often, did the license expire?