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What does he believe would have happened if they won?

How does he view his time serving his country now?

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Many questions for you... Feel free to ignore them all if you choose:

  1. How much of a creative input did Aaron Paul have? What's he like as a creative mind?

  2. Did you have any former celebrities in mind when making BoJack's character? (I always think Bob Saget for some reason)

  3. Vincent Adultman is hilarious.

  4. How does having the show exclusively on Netflix affect the writing/design of the show?

  5. Where can I find the ringtone that BoJack has for his phone?

Thank you for doing this AMA. I love the show, and it is such a wonderfully funny and harsh reality that is presented... Here's to many more seasons of the same caliber! Also, feel free to send any free swag my way. Thanks.

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Would you be willing to post from the plane? /r/toiletselfies

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Will Dave the glass blowing guy be back? Please? Please please!

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Would you like to be the first celebrity to post on /r/toiletselfies?