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Really? Because the New Mexico private prison system has a history of denying people basic health care as well as a myriad of other forms of physical abuse.

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That's the least responsive answer to a question I've heard in a very long time.

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/r/badeconomics is also pretty good, there are lots of trade academics there.

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There's no way in fuck the people running the study are guilty of gross negligence. Saying, "You're probably fine but go to the hospital anyway" is not gross negligence.

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The data on diet soda being worse for you is all bullshit. The animal studies they did with aspartame were laughably bad. When you force feed a mouse a significant percentage of its body weight in aspartame every day, it gets sick. No shit! You would die of water toxicity before you could drink enough diet coke to get an equivalent amount of aspartame.