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How do Korean youth balance the extreme school pressure with this super video game competitiveness? Seems like they are on opposite ends where students shouldn't have any time to play video games cause they're studying all the time and then the competitive people playing video games day and night.

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OMFG the mental image that this link created. Should be NSFW as much as Wikipedia can become NSFW.

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Your kickstarter shows that you've been funded over $136k. How much of that will you actually get? And when do you get it? Once the final product is released in 2020?

Also, does your game feature monster evolutions and such? Will you have early monsters stay relevant later in the game or will they become obsolete and replaced by stronger?

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Yeah you need to try and sell this "young published author" status that you have as much as possible.

Writing Excuses is a good platform to get noticed by a new audience, but their audience isn't huge. Find other platforms like that to spread your status.

Find out who you need to talk to so that you can get invited to talk shows like Oprah, Ellen, etc. You get yourself in something like that and you'll become viral really fast. You only have a few years before you become "too old" to really sell it, so take advantage now 😀

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I'm an amateur writer myself. One of the things that I found really helped me was a podcast called Writing Excuses. They have professional writers giving their input on various writing topics and subjects. You should check it out cause I think you would make an amazing guest speaker for them.